Jan 12, 2019- India has agreed to construct embankment along Nepal’s west Rapti, Badganga and Khando rivers. The agreement was reached during the meeting of eighth Nepal-India secretary-level Joint Commission on Water Resources (JCWR) on Friday. The meeting also agreed on half-dozen other projects.

Constructing link canal between Tanakpur dam to Mahakali Irrigation Project in Nepali side as per the Mahakali Treaty and Saptakoshi high-dam multipurpose project were also discussed in the meeting. Although 23 years have been passed since the Mahakali Treaty, the Mahakali Irrigation Project has not been completed due to India’s failure in constructing the link canal. Likewise, India has also agreed to pay Rs 260 million to Nepal that it owed for the embankment of Lalbakaiya, Kamala and Bagmati Rivers. Read More